1. How do I receive the tips?
To access the tips, you must subscribe to one of our 3 VIPs plans. By subscribing you will have a direct access to the bets and more tips to help you with understanding the world of sports betting and help you with managing your bankroll.
2. Where should I make my bets?
On our site you will have access to our bets and tips. To bet, we recommend you create an account at one of our partner bookmakers to enjoy welcome bonuses. You can find all our partner bookmakers on the BOOKMAKERS page.
3. Is it a trusted site to pay by credit card?
Payments on our website are made by STRIPE and PAYPAL platforms. Your payment information is encrypted end-to-end and can’t be read by external services or even our own services. To learn more about the technologies used by STRIPE and PAYPAL to protect your bank data, we invite you to go to their respective websites. Subscriptions are automatically renewed every month until the closing of the customer account.
4. How to stop my subscription?
To close your account and stop the automatic monthly payment, simply go to the MY ACCOUNT page and click on CLOSE. Your subscription will not be renewed anymore, and you will still have access to your account until the last day of the current month.
5. I have a problem; how can I contact you?
You can contact us by e-mail: 96bettingadm@gmail.com
6. How can I change my credit card to pay for my subscription?
To register another credit card simply go to the MY ACCOUNT page, in the tab corresponding to your payment methods. On this page, you can add a credit card and set it as the default payment method.
7. How can I change my address?
In the MY ACCOUNT page, you can access and modify your personal information.
9. I do not know anything about sports betting, can I still enjoy your services?
Thanks to our beginner's tips and our bankroll management tips, you can become a VIP member without any problem if you do not know anything about sports betting.
10. What is the minimum amount of money required to bet?
First, it is important to set apart some money that you will only use to bet. This will be your bankroll. To bet, you will use a percentage of this bankroll according to the confidence of the bet. You do not have to start with a lot of money, everyone makes his bankroll as he wants. The golden rule is to build a bankroll with an amount of money that you are ready to lose. That means you do not have to depend on this money to live.
11. When are the tips available?
Bets are generally available on the BETS page 24 hours before the games. If a bet is posted at the last moment, we will warn you about it in our Instagram story. Enable notifications from our Instagram page to be warned on time!
12. What is the difference between VIP subscriptions?

All VIP plans have:
- Single and multiples bets
- explanations for beginners
- access to the bankroll management tool

The amount of bets is different depending on the VIP plan:
- VIP SILVER: between 1 and 2 bets per day
- VIP GOLD: between 2 and 4 bets per day
- VIP BLACK: between 4 and 6 bets per day